Together we can end gun violence.

On average, 100 people are killed by guns in the U.S. every day.
L.A.’s young people will not accept this reality.

If there's

a shooting,

are you


This is not real insurance.

It’s a wake-up call.

Take Action


Americans are 25x more likely to be killed by guns than citizens of other developed nations. In 2018, there were 340 mass shootings and 1,600 accidental shootings in our country.

We have to change this unacceptable reality before it changes us.

Led by Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Youth Council to End Gun Violence, the Louder Than Guns movement is a rallying cry for all Angelenos. By inspiring actions large and small, we can reduce gun violence in L.A. and beyond.

Help us take a stand and let’s raise our voices to be #LouderThanGuns.



Everyone has the power to help end gun violence.

Every action, no matter how small, adds up to save lives.
Get involved and make a difference today.


Support GRYD
The Gang Reduction and Youth Development office provides gang intervention and prevention services to L.A. neighborhoods  impacted by crime.

I’m In

Register to Vote
Participate in elections and exercise your right to make change.


Host a Voter Registration Drive at Your School
Make it easy for your peers to get registered and pre-registered to vote on campus.

I’m Game

Engage Your

Organize an Event
Host an educational event on gun reform in your community to encourage others to join the movement.

Start Now

Join a Youth Advocacy Group
Connect with the local youth chapter of a national gun violence prevention group.

Join A GroupStart a Group

Contact Your

Support Universal Background Checks
Lend your support to a bipartisan bill in Congress to close loopholes allowing risky gun sales.

I’m Ready

Support Violence Prevention Programs in California
Tell your state representative that you want more funding to expand programs like GRYD to help create safer communities across California.



Download the toolkit & take action.

Use these digital and printable campaign assets to raise awareness for our gun violence prevention efforts and help make LA #LouderThanGuns.


Gun violence
Affects us all

We all have a story to tell.

Listen to the stories of Angelenos to learn how gun violence impacts people in L.A.



The Gunsure campaign depicts a dystopian view of a world with gun violence insurance.

We placed provocative gun violence insurance ads all over L.A. to give Angelenos a vision of our not-so-distant future, unless we act now.

Although the insurance isn’t real, the message is. We’re already living in a world with school lockdowns and ads for bulletproof backpacks. We can’t afford to ignore gun violence anymore.


LA In Action

Angelenos have a proud history of leading the fight for change in America.

Here are just a few of L.A.’s initiatives to reduce gun violence today.

Mayor's Youth Council to End Gun Violence

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Youth Council to End Gun violence is an initiative that gives L.A.’s young people a voice at City Hall and empowers them to advise on strategies to address gun violence and safety reforms for their communities. Mayor Garcetti is the first and only Mayor in America to formalize a leadership role for youth in City government to drive action and advocacy on gun violence prevention and intervention.

Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction & Youth Development (GRYD)

GRYD provides gang prevention and intervention services in 23 neighborhoods throughout the City of Los Angeles, along with community engagement programs, such as Summer Night Lights, that aim to reduce gang violence and build healthy and resilient youth, families, and communities. In 2018, neighborhoods served by GRYD saw more than a 10 percent reduction in gang-related violent crime.

Mayor’s Annual Gun Buyback

As part of a multi-pronged approach to reducing gun violence, Mayor Garcetti’s office holds an annual Gun Buyback event to allow Angelenos to anonymously turn in their weapons in exchange for a gift card. Since its inception, the program has removed over 16,000 guns from the streets of L.A.

Safe Storage of Handguns

In 2015, the City of L.A. approved the Safe Storage Ordinance, a law requiring that handguns kept in L.A. homes are locked up or disabled with a trigger lock when not within reach in order to prevent accidents that may result in serious injury or death. In May 2019, the L.A. City Council introduced a motion to strengthen and expand the ordinance by including all firearms.

Suicide Prevention

In 2019, the LAPD Mental Evaluation Unit will launch the 911 Suicide Diversion pilot program, which seeks to lessen the burden on patrol resources and decrease the potential of a violent encounter between police and persons suffering from a mental health crisis. This program will develop a protocol to conduct a warm transfer of a call from a 911 operator to a Mental Health Crisis line.

Our State Leads the Nation on Gun Control

California continued to strengthen its already strong gun laws in 2018 by, among other things, raising the minimum age to purchase and manufacture guns and broadening its domestic violence laws.


Our Partners


We'd like to thank all the incredible organizations working hard to help end gun violence.